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I believe this faith premise: life is more than survival; the heart is more than a muscle; I can know right from wrong;  I believe in hope;  believe my life … Continue reading

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The Call to Remember: Charlottesville

In the shortest book in the Old Testament, Obadiah, I discovered a further biblical truth revealed when writing about his twenty-one verses for a chapter in my book (my His … Continue reading

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Why I would watch “The Shack” movie

A senior pastor’s wife shared a story about a conscious effort her husband makes to draw a line in the spiritual sand of just how far he would go to … Continue reading

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A New Year’s Eulogy

It’s not as mournful as it sounds. But first a couple of back stories:  when my kids were entering high school, I tried to help them narrow down their field … Continue reading

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The World Through My Eyes

I wear prescription glasses.Sometimes. Initially, I was diagnosed in middle school with near sidedness.  I didn’t wear them often except when I couldn’t see the blackboard in school or when … Continue reading

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Going to the Good place vs the Bad

Sometimes out of a feeling of ennui I want to just veg.  I check out TV to see if their programming had improved any.  I will save you the trip.  At … Continue reading

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Leaving becomes Arriving

Recently I read a lovely tribute to someone’s parent who died a year ago.   It prompted me to do the same. Today would have been my mother’s 92 birthday. … Continue reading

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Spiritual Preparedness versus Planning

What jazz pianist Herbie Hancock (and the rest of us can) learns from the legendary trumpeter Miles Davis: Transcript: “When you hit a wrong note, it’s the next note that … Continue reading

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Disconnect to Reconnect

I challenge you to a personal heart check.  Not the medical or physical heart check but the one on the heart centered on your emotional life. The reason for the … Continue reading

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Jazz and Church

Coincidentally, two articles recently came across my Christian Outreach internet alerts.  They were both on Jazz and the Church (the big “C” is the universal church).  I never thought of … Continue reading

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My Name is Church

Jesus said, “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I, in the midst of them,” (Matthew 18:20) “and the Brethren believed that was enough.  We … Continue reading

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